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*Bei verlängerter Streaming-Dauer und höheren Zuschauerzahlen, als angegeben, können weitere Kosten anfallen.

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Our videoconferencing package includes a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera with remote control, a notebook, a 4, TV, a microphone and soundboxes for playback.

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PowerPoint presentation

Would you like to play back PowerPoint presentations during the conference?

With PowerPoint presentations, you will be billed an additional CHF 50.

Conference members

How many people will be participating in the videoconference?


You will be billed CHF 10 per participant.

Off-site conference participants

How many people will be watching the conference?


You will be billed CHF 10 per participant.


Internet access provided by us is available for

Backup Internet

Backup Internet also makes sense if you already have Internet access on site and did not book it with us.

Backup Internet is available for an additional charge of CHF 145.

Videoconferencing software

On-site support

On-site technical support ensures better monitoring and increased security during the conference.

You will be charged CHF 180 per hour of support.

Duration of the conference

The time you specify here is an estimate. The definitive costs for the duration and number of people watching the conference will be adjusted after the conference.

These are the rates:
With support: first hour CHF 720,
each additional hour CHF 180. Without support: first hour 360, each additional hour is free of charge. Invoicing and hourly calculations include set-up and dismantling, rehearsal and travel to/from the site.

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