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* Bei verlängerter Streaming-Dauer und höheren Zuschauerzahlen, als angegeben, konnen weitere Kosten anfallen.

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We digitalise your event and put it on the Internet via live stream. Book everything you need here.

* Additional costs may apply if the streaming duration is extended and the number of viewers is higher than specified.

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Book live streaming


The cameras you need will be made available by APEX selected. Tripods and all necessary cables are included.


You will be billed CHF 250 per camera.

Cameraman on site?

We provide you with the appropriate personnel in case of cameras managed on site.


We provide you with the appropriate personnel in case of cameras managed on site.

PowerPoint presentations

Specify the number of media instances that are to be displayed in parallel.


Own computer

You can use your own laptop, but we cannot accept any liability for it as we are not familiar with the technology.


You will be billed CHF 10 per device. (For receiver devices.)

Rent notebooks

Rent notebooks directly from APEX Selected. More security, more stability.


You will be billed CHF 150 per rented notebook.

Number of participants

A mixing console, as well as all necessary cables, will be provided by us.


You will be billed CHF 150 per speaker.

Dialogue function

With the dialogue function, your viewers can join in the discussion and ask questions live. They can use their own webcams and microphones or type text on their keyboards. Each guest will need their own computer and receive their own login credentials.

You will be charged CHF 499 for the dialogue function.


Number of lines

You will be billed CHF 290 per line.

Backup Internet

Backup Internet also makes sense if you already have Internet access on site and did not book it with us.

Streaming platform

Our server is located in Switzerland and is therefore subject to the Swiss Data Protection Act.

Social Media Kanäle (kostenfrei)

Viewers of the live stream

Streaming duration

This information is a cost estimate. The final costs for the duration and number of viewers will be billed after conclusion of the streaming event.

These are the rates: The first three hours with 1,000 viewers or less are billed at CHF 500. Each additional hour costs CHF 100 and each additional viewer CHF 1.

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